Our Story


Every Idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. To begin a Revolution.

Change the way people look at their Makeup hygiene and change habits

In a billion dollar industry a fundamental problem of hygiene has been partly solved with cleaning products and solutions but in this fast pace age some of the practicalities of these products is not sufficient or clean enough so we had to find a solution to make a product which was within the make up brush itself and this is where the idea of 'The fastest drying make up brushes was formed'

Our Product is not just about Clean Make up but educating people about the importance of this and protecting your brushes as well as your skin,

The Solution itself is not only for Make up artists but for your everyday make up user, or a young mum who does not want to pass bacteria on to her new born baby or someone with skin conditions. 

The fact is through research Make up brushes contain more bacteria than a toilet brush,

Through Covid when hygiene was such an important factor, The founders  were able to formalise the idea into practice and produce and design their very own Make up brushes,

Within a year from concept we had a product which we were truly proud to bring to market. 

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